Please fill out the WPL Trustees Survey

When you visit the library, do you borrow books or DVDs, use the computers or copiers, read newspapers, or attend one of our programs?   The trustees and staff of the Woodbury Public Library want to know how you feel about your library and its services and programs.  In an effort to better serve you, we have created a survey that will allow us to target the services that you are most interested in.  This survey is now available online at the Woodbury Public Library website and on the Town of Woodbury website.  Or, better yet, you can click on the link below right now.  The survey is completely anonymous and will only take 2 to 4 minutes of your time.

If you prefer to fill out the survey on paper, just drop into the library and complete the survey right there.  Your feedback is very important to us as it will help us determine how to best meet your needs and provide the services that you want.  If you have any problems or questions, please send an email to:

Remember, your opinion counts!

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Need a suggestion for a new book to read? Try these ideas! Reading 12.0 : A Year in Reading

January: Read a book published the same year you were born.

What was the world like the year you were born? Get in a time capsule, and read a book that reflects the culture, views, and lifestyle of the era of your birth. Tip: Google search for best-seller list [year].

February: Read a book recommended on a blog.

Check out any book blog out there, and see why that book was worth talking about.

March: Read a book that has been made into a movie.

Here’s your chance to judge a book by its movie! Find out which of your favorite scenes from a book ended up on the cutting-room floor and which made it to the silver screen.

April: Reread your favorite book from childhood.

What book kept you up late into the night, reading under your covers with a flashlight because you just couldn’t put it down? Reread that beloved tome and feel young again.

May: Read a book from another country.

Some of the greatest literary achievements are works that have been written far away from the U.S. Eat locally, read globally.

June: Read that classic you never read.

Most of us have a classic novel that haunts us because we never got through it. Maybe you got away with reading the Cliff’s Notes or watching the movie so you could pass a quiz, but now’s your chance to finally read the whole thing.

July: Read a book you found via a library database/website (e.g. Booklist Online, NoveList, Fiction Connection, GoodReads, LibraryThing).

Log in and see what new book you can discover using these valuable reading tools.

August: Read a genre or format you don’t usually read.

Do you avoid graphic novels, audiobooks, or any specific genre like the plague? Pick up a book that is completely different from what you normally read, and find out if it is worse (or better!) than you thought.

September: Read a book from an opposing viewpoint.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, so read a book whose author takes a stand totally different from yours. That’s intellectual freedom in action!

October: Read a selection from a local book club.

Check out what your neighbors are reading and discussing over cookies and coffee.

November: Read an award winner.

Books win awards for a reason—usually because they are great. Check out a book that won the top prize in any of a number of national or international book awards.

December: Read someone else’s favorite book.

Your best friend, your neighbor, your child, your chiropractor. Ask somebody you know to identify a favorite book, and then pick it up to find out why he or she loves it.

Happy reading!

Information taken from : the King County Library System’s Readers’ Advisory Committee which promoted reading and RA service among staff with Reading 12.0: A Year in Reading. The committee came up with these suggestions, perfect for anyone looking to diversify their reading or to get out of a reading rut!  2010

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Transparent Language Online is Here!

TLOLHorizontal jpg

Woodbury Public Library, Woodbury, CT in partnership with RBdigital from Recorded Books (Prince Frederick, MD), is pleased to announce the availability of Transparent Language Online for Libraries, the most complete language-learning solution available anywhere. Transparent Language is a highly regarded and proven system providing the widest variety of high-quality learning material and seamless integration of real-life language use.

By clicking the TLO logo above or accessing through, patrons of  Woodbury Public Library will have unlimited access to more than 80 online language courses, packed with pronunciation, speech, grammar, writing and vocabulary-building lessons. Patrons have the ability to write or speak their answers, practice pronunciation by slowing down the on-screen examples, and converse with native speakers though interactive videos. Transparent Language Online delivers all language-learning materials online with no additional media, such as CDs, flash drives, or DVDs. Patrons can learn on their own time, at their own pace in the library, in the comfort of their own home, or on the go with Byki Mobile for the iPhone® and Android™. 

Adult Services


   For Adults at the Library

Besides your favorite authors and best sellers, we offer downloadable audiobooks & ebooks, DVDs, videos, books on CD, magazines, daily and weekly newspapers, tax forms, inter-library loan, and computer access (including wireless).  Reference and computer assistance are always available.

Check our calendar of events for dates and times of programs.  A monthly book chat with refreshments, staff-led book discussion groups,  and a foreign-policy discussion group are offered throughout the year.  An award-winning summer reading program for adults offers fun prizes every summer!

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Links on our website enable our patrons to connect to the library catalog, state holdings, and several databases providing access to full-text magazine articles and professional journals.

Please check individual pages listed above for additional information on adult services.


Ebooks and audio-books are available through Overdrive –   just click the icon on our website! 

Material is downloaded to your device for a one or two week loan!


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